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Mini Version of Asus PadFone X carries T00S model number appear in FCC with AT&T frequencies

In the starting of this year Asus launched PadFone X and now like other competitors Asus introduced the mini version of PadFone X known as Asus PadFone X Mini. The latest variant just makes the appearance in FCC data base which gives us the clue that the handset will take the official place soon.


Asus PadFone series are multi function devices. They perform the functions of smartphones and tablet at the same time. Users can say the tablet comes with smartphone features. The Asus PadFone series provides itself power of processing and storage capacity and has extra battery backup, speakers and large touch screen.

Asus FonePad X Mini specifically carries T00S model number. The handset will be operating 850/1900MHz GSM frequencies with LTE bands 2, 4, 5 and 17. If we look technical specification of the handset the handset is compatible with AT&T networks. The device is energized with a battery of 7.8Wh at 3.8V, which equals 2050mAh. This is sufficiently powerful battery to sustain the functioning of the handset for reasonable time with all its apps.

Certainly it is new product and based on the experience, therefore we hope to find improved features upon the previous ones. Hopefully it will appeal to the users and will benefit the company commercially.   

Asus is very enthusiastic about it and eagerly waiting for September 3 when it is going to make a very zealous announcement about Asus FonePad X Mini. It is going to be a press event where the company officials will display this handset with all its characteristic features. It is already a news that AT&T going market this device on their network. However it will be confirmed once the event takes place and AT&T is also going make it an official deal.

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