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Moto Low-end Devices Moto G and Moto E Will Live Under Lenovo

A while back Lenovo acquired Motorola and continued to launch excellent quality handsets while expanding its market share. Last year Lenovo had declared it would keep the Motorola brand together, now it looks that might not exactly be true. But, it doesn’t mean that Motorola name or logo will disappear.

When Motorola said that its smartphones would be known as Moto, the company affected by confusion. But this week at MWC Motorola CEO Rick Osterloh and Senior VP of Marketing and Communications Adrienne Hayes made clear this confusion. The CEO said that we will not withdraw Motorola Company and its smartphones would be made the same as always. It is just a matter of branding.

Motorola continues to exist — will continue to exist. The product brand that we choose to use — and have been using — is Moto. So Moto continues to exist as the design and engineering unit added by Adrienne Hayes.

CEO and Senior VP also confirmed that Lenovo Vibe and the Moto E or Moto G are low-end devices and they will continue to stay under the brand. We can say that Lenovo wants to use its name on Moto devices while Moto brand will continue to launch new smartphones. It is totally ambiguous that how it would function, but we could see “Moto X by Lenovo” or “Lenovo Moto X” instead of Motorola name.

 Now to see next move of Lenovo we have to wait until the company unveil next flagship of Moto. Though, Moto devices will hit the market in 2016.