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Moto Makers Give $100 to $125 reward in Motorola Moto X on July 23rd

Motorola Moto X is the mid range handset and does not have giant specifications, but this is the handy device. Now Moto makers offer to their consumers to personalize Moto X according to their fashion taste. Firstly the handset was available in 16 and 32 GB capacity option but now the handset is available in 64 GB storage option to.

The Moto X does not have a powerful processor, there is no smart system chip found and the screen and resolution are also normal. This is the normal Android based handset. The handset is light in weight and equal in dimensions so it’s easy to use the device from one hand.

Now the Moto X makers offers of good discount on this handset. The officials give the incentive to the users who want to buy this handy handset. There are a different discounted prices set according to the handset capacity and storage. If users select 16 GB capacity Moto X for them, they can get $100 discount on the actual price of the handset. $125 will be reimbursed to the users who purchase 32 or 62 GB memory option Moto X.

This is the limited time offer which users can avail till 23rd July. So guys why are you waiting for, pick your Moto X with the great discount offer by the company.