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Moto X One Day Sale Will Begin In The USA Countdown Start Now

Motorola moto X on sale in the initial year. Many of the people lose the chance to avail the great deal offered by Motorola.

Motorola give another chance and start the Moto x sale  in early May but unfortunately the sale is available 24 hours only and the sale is only for the US consumers with reduce prices; the actual price of Motorola moto x 16 GB is 349.99 USD but in the sale the set is available in just 299.99 USD, the 32 GB moto X real price is 399.99USD and discounted price is 324.99 USD. The special edition of moto x developer is available in 324.99 USD. This is the great deal offer but the time is too short to avail the offer.

Moto X is the new high grade smartphone device but never enjoyed excellent resolution and is not comparable to what is being offered now. However moto x is 720 pixel display and 300 USD is not a big price for this unlocked smartphone. The expected next variant version is MOTO x+ is also on the surface but users have to wait for it for couple of months maybe the price is bit  higher than this moto x and new features maybe introduced by Motorola.