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Motorola might work on Shamu upcoming nexus device with 5.9 inches display

Google already showed interest to take over the Motorola. We heard the rumors that Motorola is working on next upcoming Nexus device. Although this is not happening till yet but there is a shadow that Motorola might provide the services to make the Nexus device. If this is true then it is a first Nexus phablet Motorola’s work.

According to one reliable resource, Google and Motorola are busy to work on 5.9 inches Nexus device. The device has a code name “Shamu” which is not the common to listen in the line of smartphones or phablets. Google always selects the codename from marine life for the Nexus device such as maguro/tuna, mako, hammerhead, etc. Shamu is taken from famous killer whales. The codename is different from the standard of Nexus Device.

If the device exists then Google and Motorola are trying to reveal the device somewhere in November and it is expected that all major carriers will offer the device. There are some reports found on the internet about the code name Shamu. The handset might be under the testing stage but we cannot say anything before time that the handset will appear in the markets where, when and how is still present behind the Shamu.

Well for now we have this limited information with us but when we have another clue we will share with our users. Till then wait for the next Shamu update.