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Motorola Mobility Lucid Branding Confusion in Official Statement

Published on Jan 9,2016 By Maq Ahmed


The other day, Motorola Mobility CEO Rick Osterloh announced that Lenovo will phase out Motorola brand. Whatever the purpose of this decision, but the news created confusing to future of the brand. Motorola wrote a statement on its official blog to clear this confusion.



The company stated that “Motorola Mobility, as an organization, carry on to subsist and preserves a vital position in Lenovo's smartphone venture, and is in control of all smartphone engineering, design and manufacturing inside the company. Nonetheless, merchandise will operate to the Moto model, versus Motorola, as it sounds more modern, whilst still being identical with the traditional brand, the declaration says.

That stated, product packages will nevertheless have Motorola written right here and there, it simply will not be the model used significantly for publicity. Batwing symbol won't be absent both, and can continue to use comprehensively, in promotion materials too.

The Vibe brand will survive next to Moto and Lenovo business branding will be found both on promotional content and product packaging, to remind consumers that the company is amongst a select few, which can proffer an absolute knowledge from smartphone through tablet to PC.


Here a question is raised that will upcoming mobile Motorola Moto X Play be promoted as Moto X play? Yes, we believe that upcoming model will be marketed as Moto X play. We are not sure what will be the reaction of Motorola customers, but we expect that they will welcome new brand name with enthusiastically.  

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