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Motorola Moto G with 4G LTE support for $219 is good enough

Motorola product Moto G proved to be a successful device in the market and fetched lot of popularity among the users. Subsequent to this success, Motorola added another addition to the product range and that is Moto G 4G LTE supported with a microSD card slot to extend the storage capacity of the device.

The Moto G became a symbol of popularity and success for Motorola because of its record sale. The device is well equipped with good configuration and its reasonable price. This device is very popular world over, particularly in India where it is considered to be the best mid range Smartphone. 

Encouraged by popularity of this Smartphone, the company has launched the improved version as 4G Moto G with LTE support and micro SD card slot for increased storage and has announced preorders. Hopefully, they will make money on this product as well.

motorolamoto g4g lte

The previous model, regular Moto G has built in 8GB and 16GB storage capacity whereas 4G LTE also has 8/16GB memory, and microSD for extendable storage at least 32GB. 

The new version is likely to cost more, but the extra features are worth paying for them. A Smartphone with LTE, 16GB internal and microSD, unlocked free SIM is good enough for $219.