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Motorola Moto X+1 follows Moto 360, upcomming flagship of Motorola

Before the I/O Motorola did not give any confirmation about the newly introduced handset MOTO X +1, but all of a sudden during the I/O the handset gets the official confirmation and Motorola confirm the existence of this successor, but unfortunately we are still unable to hear any information about the design, make and specification. We only have an idea extract from the rumors about the handset.

During I/O while Motorola presented the MOTO X+1 our resources took the image. Motorola presented the handset after presenting the MOTO 360 smart watch. Seeing the image, the handset has a white back plate and it seems to be a bit slimmer than the MOTO X.

Still we are not sure the leaked image is the exact image of   MOTO X+1 but one thing is confirmed that the handset will hit the markets somewhere in the winter. These confirmations we get form the Motorola officials.

We cannot say any sure thing regarding the specification before the time we have to wait until the company does not reveal any information about the handset specifications, but this is confirmed the new handset has the slim body than the earlier one.