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Motorola Victara seep out with dual-speaker coming to Verizon

Motorola wants to build on what it has already done and here we are referring the Moto X, the most popular and widely used handset of its time. The same success is going to be carried forward in the shape of Moto X +1 and presently code name “VICTARA”. Hopefully their expertise and experience will certainly realized this possible dream.

It has been confirmed through different pieces of rumors and facts and some official confirmation that their does exist a new handset with good old features added with new; it is no other than Victara to come on the surface through reputed carrier Verizon Wireless.

However we find some striking amiss in the image leaked. Surprisingly it is without a front facing camera.  We do not know whether Moto X+1, or Motorola Victara are one set and two names or the actually are two different handsets by different names. But going by the tradition of codenaming prior to release suggests that it is one set with two names which will eventually appears as Moto X+1. If it is void of important features like front facing camera and flash light missing for  the main camera, that is not a flagship; rather it can be an economically affordable version in place of a flagship to be released by the company.

There is one more fact that catches our eyes and that is the existence of dual speakers on the front of this leaked image of Motorola Victara. Well presently it is confusing to give any verdict before time whether it is going to be an affordable device or it has still something hidden which is yet not known through any rumor or any speculation. This piece of mystery, Moto X+1 is expected to flood the market and put up the tough competition to its competitors somewhere in August 31st.

 We still have couple of months to speculate and guess what this new product is going to be therefore we and the users can only wait and see. Hopefully it is going to be a good Motorola product.