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New color of HTC one M8 confirmed as black

A new image of HTC One M8 in Black color is reveled. This is the new color of HTC ONE M8. The handset is similar to Sprint version named “Harman Kardon Edition”, but this is definite the handset does not have any other logo on the back, but the HTC logo.

We only catch the images of this handset and besides the images we don’t have any other information about the release date of this handset. When HTC is going to reveal the handset we don’t have any words on that, but one thing is sure the handset is not the new variant of the previously launched handset. Only the color is new and that is enough for the HTC lovers for now.

At the current moment HTC One M8 is available all over the world in three colors silver, gold and gray. The red color on this handset is also seen but in the specific regions like the red color of this handset is only offered by Verizon in USA.

In the rumors we also heard about the new color of this handset which is blue but there is no official announcement we heard till today maybe the company has a plan to reveal both black and blue colors at the same time.

The company still did not confirm the colors and the availability of the handset in the market, but we have an idea the handset will hit the markets somewhere in August. For now we have to wait for the official announcement of these new colors.