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New Hack Just Released, Fingerprint Security Can Be Cracked Easily

Published on Mar 12,2016 By Sajid Ayaz

Is your smartphone secure? As, most of us thinking right away their smartphones are now secured with the feature, many mega-smartphones have adopted in a few recent years. I am here, talking about the Finger-Print Reader that has able to provide high security to smartphones. Many mega companies like Samsung and Huawei have already given their customers with, fingerprint feature that enable users to make their smartphones breach less. Smartphones with this security feature launched yesteryear, e.g., Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Huawei Honor 7 and newly Galaxy s7/edge & upcoming P9 etc.

Hello, wait a little, fingerprint reader although is considered a best security feature but still it can be cracked right away in a much lesser time than you think. Many scientists tried to break this feature, they succeeded too, but the given method was very expensive involving some expensive hardware scanning and also was time taking like in hours. But this feature is still can be breached easily, report said. Researchers, Kai Cao along with his partner, Anil Jain, in Michigan State University were trying hard to blow up the fingerprint reader security feature. They have just recently managed to figure out an easiest way to breach this security feature. But it still needs a technical person to make a hole through this feature.

You will be needing a high-end printer, and a paper. Along with printer, you also need special type of ink that can conduct electricity after printing on paper and high-resolution picture of finger. That sounds not a problematic assignment. Such brands of inks can be managed certainly. The normal use of such sort of ink is on circuits. Researchers tested both of smartphones of Samsung and Huawei, with fake fingerprint and unlocked phones within 15 minutes. The most time disbursed by ink when drying after printing on paper.

This new hack got a lot attention and have bothered many major smartphones selling companies. Meanwhile, to counter this hack, many companies are trying to launch a fool proof designs that will let users to keep their data more secure with zero loop hole. Few companies are readily working on the specific form of sensor that will be fool proof, in real sense, and is capable of detecting blood flowing through the finger. This security sensor will enhance the security of finger-print reader.

Meanwhile, do not let anyone to take high-resolution picture of your finger and keep your phone to yourself.

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