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New HTC’s Smartphone HTC M10 is coming, what is expected

Published on Mar 12,2016 By Maq Ahmed

HTC, renowned for its smart appearance phones, is now going to release a new smartphone that is estimated to be most wide-ranging one of all other. HTC is surely waiting for Samsung Galaxy S7 to over all the hype created by Samsung marketers. HTC will definitely blow out market this time. HTC offers Android OS as well MicrosoftOS, Microsoft Lumia.


HTC last year presented HTC One M9 that hadcertainly an aesthetic demand, and favored by countless. HTC added various new features in HTC One M9, and it went great. Its sensors touch screen and numeral tricks made this phone lovely. Besides, HTC M9 feels more like a disappointment. There were so many complaints about the camera design, HTC executed.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have impressed us a lot with so much crushing features that can be scarcelycrushed. Samsung demonstrate much enhancements in successor smartphone of Galaxy S6. Furthermore, LG G5 also has so countless features with improved sensor qualities. So, my point of ponder is how can HTC’s new smartphone will be able to divert our minds from other featured-rich phones that are currently doing great.

But HTC’s novel phone One M successor, is reported, will wash out all other smartphones, currently in the market. Because HTC has driven hard to overcome all the complaints of HTC One M9, and enhancing the overall features of M9 with a latest camera design. One of the biggest disappointment from last models was they lacked Boom Sound speakers, because of, they tried to implement finger print sensor.

But in new upcoming M10 phone, HTC is expected to provide better sound system and enhancing finger print sensor quality. HTC One M10 will be having better resolution. As in accordance with the leaked specifications, HTC M10 will be having 5.1-Inch, 2K display, making it in a streamline with Samsung, LG and Sony rivals.

Moreover, Display will be an AMOLED. As, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 was also an AMOLED 2K screen and was regarded as best smartphone. So, HTC may try to match the specs of Samsung’s phone and giving HTC M10 sharpness and color reproduction and hence will be thinner.

The hardware is expected to be Qualcomm’s most powerful and latest processor, Snapdragon 820, coupling with extra high RAM, 4GB. And more or less expectation is HTC will offer newly version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

HTC will organize an event for launching a new One M10, probably be on 11th of April, when all the hype of Samsung’s new galaxy will be over and out.

We’ll provide you all the latest news about HTC 10 time to time, so bookmark this page and stay tuned.


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