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New markets will receive HTC ONE E8 soon

Last month HTC ONE E8 took the official place but officials said that the HTC ONE E8 would be available only in China and there is no information available for the other regions, but the handset is not only restricted to China but the Indian markets would also get the handset and the handset has also been introduced in Taiwan, the HTC home country. The handset will be available in Taiwan from 24th July onwards.

Focus Taiwan revealed, the One E8 is “geared primarily toward price-sensitive markets”, but HTC possibly will also use it "to maintain sales in the last half of the year in markets where the life cycle of premium phones appears to be shrinking.” therefore, the Taiwanese company may plan to liberate the E8 in more countries than initially planned.

The HTC One E8 is the cheap version of the elder brother HTC One M8, estimated cost is under $500 in China and Taiwan. The features of the handsets are identical to those of the M8 flagship, though there is no 4 mega pixel UltraPixel camera located on the back. This is being replaced by the regular 13 mega pixel camera and the E8 is made up with plastic instead of metal. This is the reason company reduced the cost of the handset.