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New Nokia release date, What is the reality

It began as a big  gossip: Nokia is making an Android unit? Doubtlessly not, given the Finnish firm has just as of late been procured by programming monster (and the Windows Phone selling) Microsoft. So why might Nokia hop into bunk with the foe?

While numerous eyebrows were raised, and eyes rolled, when news of the Nokia Normandy first took to the web, the sheer downpour of holes, photograph slips and screen gets have added more soundness to the handset's presence.

Nokia Normandy could simply be an interior undertaking for some of Nokia's workers to see what's conceivable on Android, yet the volley of bits of hearsay focus towards a genuine Nokia Android discharge.The Nokia Normandy moniker is by and large recognized a codename for the handset, yet there are contrasting notions to the name it will authoritatively start under.