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Next Smart Phone Is Blackberry Coupe By Blackberry, Elegance In Design

The wonderful Blackberry Coupe, a fan-made idea, positively packs all the characteristics of such a gadget.

Despite the fact that a many individuals claim Blackberry dead, the battling Canadian maker is still very much alive, as the organization succeeded in chopping down the misfortunes throughout the last budgetary quarter.

It's more than clear, nonetheless, that the organization will need to discharge some swarm satisfying cell phones in the event that it needs to make due in the long haul. Not those current Blackberry gadgets have ugly outline, yet with a specific end goal to charm customers, the Canadians will need to art a gadget with an enormous measure of "oomph".

Made by Crackberry part Ziro1, the idea shows both a full touchscreen and a console prepared Blackberry cell phone. The bends on the top and the base of the theoretical handset unquestionably bring back memories of the Sony Ericsson Xperia bend, which got discharged in 2011. The huge speaker at the bottom is available on both calculated pictures, while the general outer surface looks like the one of a Blackberry Z30. Wow, and take a gander at those slight bezels!

Blackberry Coupe

It's more than clear that the Blackberry Coupe will perpetually remain an idea. In any case, if Blackberry makes such a gadget one day, it may win back an extraordinary part of its client base.