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Nexus 5 battery drain needs immediate attention

Various users have the complaint with the Google Nexus 5 battery. According to the users the battery consumes more power and provides less talk time as well as less standby time. But our resources reveal the fact.

Google is trying to plug this drain which is because of Android 4.4.2 software process which gives access to the apps to camera in Nexus 5. The process allows apps like Skype on the phone.

Google Nexus 5

It was found that the process keeps running camera apps even when it is closed. This keeps the process operative and running thus causing the battery drain and Nexus 5 runs hot. This whole process drains  1% of battery life every 2 minutes when in standby mode, as reported by some user.

In response to this complaint, the Google project manager himself responded and informed the remedy has been worked out and would be done in the next maintenance update. He further declared that Skype app of  Android version might be responsible for this problem in the "mm-qcamera-daemon". He advised the owners of Nexus 5 to delete the app.

The Google official did not give any time schedule for rectification of this complaint but suggested that reboot will help to resolve the problem for the time being and would solve the problem temporarily.