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Nexus 8 Flounder image leaked real Face of Nexus 8

Commonly rumored "HTC flounder" is not only the rumor but in reality it is mythical Nexus 8 tablet and as per traditions, Google has code named it ‘F’ because they have codenamed all Nexus devices with name. it is believed that it will have a 64-bit chip, though without the name Tegra processor to power this tablet. Yesterday on Thursday, some images have been posted on the internet that show Nexus 8 tablet, and some specs have also been revealed.

Another says the Nexus 8 is powered by a 64-bit Qualcomm processor which is the only Qualcomm silicon that could fit the configuration with 64-bit technology befitting the flagship, would be the Snapdragon 808 or the Snapdragon 810. With this difference in certainty of processor we can consider the rumor to be false all together. The Nexus 8 is going to have 3GB RAM and will run Android 4.5 pre-installed. The next Android update is likely to be 64-bit silicon.

There was a guess about release of this tablet in Google I/O starting on June 25th. Yet there is another speculation that it would be released next month in next month at Google's developer conference.

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