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Nexus 8 with Tegra Processor Will be Presented in Google IO Conference

In our previous newsGoogle & HTC working on 8.9 Inches tablet Might Be Nexus 8we talked about the under development mysterious tablet with the collaboration of HTC and Google and till that time we assumed that the tablet was Google Nexus 8. However previously the picture of Nexus 10 was released, maybe unintentionally a later the picture was used to promote Nexus 7. However all the hints lead us to point towards Nexus 8.

It is for sure Nexus 8 is on the way to market with its 8 inches display. In the computer industry it is well known that Nexus 8 is under final test and this operation has been "flounder" which goes with the Google's tradition of using code names for Nexus tablets. The word “flounder" recently seen in Google’s code, could hint at HTC produce Nexus 8.

Google has ceased to use the word flounder as in previous posts on the computer community site. Now references are made and a Tegra processor is mentioned with the tablet. In the rumors it has been found that the tablet will be equipped with 64-bit CPU.

Now after long wait and many speculations Nexus 8 tablet, will be revealed in the last week of next month. Google I/O will take place on June 25th and 26th this year where the tablet will be announced.