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Nigeria is the next market to receive the BlackBerry Z3 soon

BlackBerry Z3 is the first handset prepared with the collaboration of BlackBerry and Foxconn. The companies agreed on 5 years contract for merging the markets and take care of the ware housing of them. BlackBerry provides the software and interface to the handset. BlackBerry Z3 is already launched in Indonesia and India. After the successful launching these two markets, the handset enters South Africa.

This decision is helpful for the BlackBerry to spread their name in Nigeria. This new handset BlackBerry Z3 first launched in South Africa in the middle of July and after that Nigeria markets will be able to receive the handset in the end of July or in the first week of August. Already developed markets are much excited of the new flagship announced by the company recently named “Passport”. There is no confirm words we have when the handset Passport is going to reveal but it is expected that the handset will hit the markets somewhere in September.

Nigerian users are able to book the pre order for BlackBerry Z3 via online retailers Company fixes the $252 price for BlackBerry Z3.