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No Passport? No trouble, Use Your Smartphone to Travel around the World.

A passport is an essential item when it comes to traveling; people know the panic of carrying and taking care of passport.  Now British Banknote Printer found a solution for this problem, the company declares that they are going to insert passports directly into smartphones.

CEO of the company Martin Sutherland says that the firm has started working on a project to provide secure phone based information that would work at immigration control. While the project is long term but the company is working on eliminating the physical passport for forever.

With this project traveling will be a paperless experience; the digital passport will help you out in traveling and immigration as well. Apart from that the company is creating a measures and solution that will be satisfactory for Governments worldwide.

 Consumers might be excited about the news but security professionals are also warning potential dangers regarding this move. Gavin Millard, technical director with Tenable Network Security, says that many European countries have been using digital chips embedded in traditional passports for about ten years which has no impact to security. But when it comes to a digital passport the threat model will also change considerably.

Recently launched Apple Pay and Google Wallet prove that smartphones can be used securely for transactions however, the evident next step in the development of everything digital is the paperless passport. If digital password introduces it will be convenient for traveling and they do have to carry their passport everywhere.

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