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Nokia Asha 500 - Asha phones have been strong bread winners for Nokia

Nokia Asha 500: Asha phones have been strong bread winners for Nokia

The news is rather important because the application has been highly demanded by owners and potential owners of Nokia's Asha phones. In fact, analysts are convinced that the absence of Whats App has been keeping youngsters away from picking up these wonderful budget phones. But with this announcement, we believe that there is nothing stopping Asha phones from flying off store shelves given that they offer solid quality, battery life and functionality at an affordable price point. The leaked image also shows us a glossy shell, which was seen on the successful Lumia 620.

Ever since Microsoft announced that it will be acquiring Nokia's device business, analysts have speculated that Asha range will axed. But Microsoft might think twice about this decision since the Asha phones have been strong bread winners for Nokia for a long time now. Apart from this, we expect the device to be priced slightly higher than the Nokia Asha 501. Look closer at the screen, and you will notice from the top left corner that there are two signal-strength bars, indicating that the phone will be available in a dual SIM variant. Also, since competitors like Samsung have begun dominating the mid-range and high-end smart phone segments, Nokia has a better shot at success if it consistently releases quality handsets in the budget segment, a strategy that it has been able to successfully employ over the years.