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Nokia Lumia 2520 for T-Mobile and three other Nokia devices scheduled for the summer

Nokia’s upcoming tablet with Windows RT 8.1 is a small handy piece of technology in the form of tablet. The tablet has a good display and powerful battery for the much batter backup time. The office is in built in the tablet and has a well enough camera.

Nokia Lumia 2520 will be launched via Verizon and AT&T, however the handset still did not get the place via T-Mobile, but soon T-Mobile will also offer the tablet.

The model is similar with the previously launched Lumia models, but there is no RM numbers mentioned anywhere. The device is listed in the Nokia Schedule with other 3 devices, but we cannot say anything for the upcoming scheduled devices.

As per the mentioned schedule all markets will receive RM- 1017. This is the handset which hit the markets in couple of days somewhere in August. The other two models will be released in September and October according to the schedule.

There is no RM number sequence found in the schedule. RM-940 is the Lumia 1520 AT&T version and RM-1027 is another Nokia version confirmed in May. This is the low end Nokia device.

Still we have limited information but expected that we can get the more information about the upcoming tablets and other lineup Nokia devices in couple of weeks.