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Nokia Lumia 530 Rise Likely To Be Released through T-Mobile

Keeping the track of past events Nokia is going to launch another device to maintain continuity in its business and line of products. Previously they have launched Lumia 520 followed by Lumia 525 and now logically yet another, which is rumored to be 530 which is presently code named “Nokia Rise”. It is believed that the device will be sold by T-Mobile in USA.  There was some rumor in March about this handset in process of development by the name “Nokia Rock”.  However there is no specific time announced for its release in the market.

There is nothing known about this set at present and we do not know it’s likely configuration, yet something can be estimated about it. Being the successor of Lumia 520 and Lumia 525, this is going to be low priced and very basic level smartphone certainly running the latest Windows Phone 8.1.

When announcements about Lumia 630 were made the name “Nokia” was not mention because Microsoft owning service and marketing matters and it will be marketed without the name of Nokia.


Presently we are unaware whether it will be released through T-Mobile alone or some other carrier companies will also be involved. Yet the released date and many other details are not very clear, maybe we know about it soon.