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It would appear that Nokia is now wanting to discharge a successor to the Lumia 525, which itself was presented a few months prior as an invigorated Lumia 520.

As stated by @evleaks, there's a puzzling Nokia Lumia 530 really taking shape. The handset's model number decidedly recommends that its identified with the Lumia 520 and Lumia 525. Since both the 520 and 525 are low-end, modest apparatuses, we're anticipating that the Lumia 530 will have comparative attributes, maybe offering a showcase of around 4 inches.

As you may have listened, Nokia is purportedly likewise readying the launch of a Lumia 630 / 635, or more a claimed high-end Lumia 930. All these approaching handsets will in all probability run Windows Phone 8.1, which ought to be discharged by Microsoft in April.

While the Lumia 630 effectively showed up in a couple of pictures, for the present the Lumia 530 and Lumia 930 remain subtle. What we can expect, however, is that - like the 630 - the Lumia 530 and 930 will have on-screen catches since Windows Phone 8.1 now backs this.