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Nokia Lumia 730 and Lumia 735 Introduce with Price in IFA 2014

Nokia is a big name in a mobile industry and carriers a reputation of quality for the products. They have patronized the brand name of their products and that is ‘Lumia’. Whatever device they released has to be preceded with the name Lumia. Infect Lumia is the alternate name of Nokia. They have already launched many Lumia devices and now in IFA 2014 they are coming out with two more models of Lumia; Nokia Lumia 730 with dual SIM and Lumia 735 with LTE connectivity. They are confident of their expertise and quality if the product and they are sure to get a high place in the market. Both these devices have their individual features and the most common being their economical price.


Lumia 730 is probably the one focusing on photographic aspect. It has powerful 5 mega pixel front facing camera for selfies and the lens is 24mm and wide angle. Nokia has particularly emphasized on this device keeping the camera particularly as the center of attention.

Lumia 730 has a Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor and Snapdragon 400 system on chip inside the device regulating the functions of the device. It is a wonderful thing; press button is transcribed into desire results through the technical process going on in the operating system in the processor. It has 4.7 inches clear black display having 720 pixels resolution. While it has a powerful camera in front, the main camera at the back is also no less; it is 6.7 mega pixel wide angle lenses of 1.9 apertures to function better under all light conditions.

Nokia Lumia 730 is in the market and selling for a price of €199. Its sibling, Lumia 735 heaving 3G and LTE connectivity is expected to sale with the price of €219.  Nokia offers Skype call subscription free up to 3 months for both handsets.

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