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Nokia OZO VR Camera Gives a Professional Touch of Your digital media needs.

Nokia’s OZO, the first ever virtual reality (VR) camera is gorgeous gadget for professionals, novices as well as amateurs as it offers state-of-the-art solution to digital media needs.

RamziHaidamus, Nokia Technologies President, says, "OZO aims to advance the next wave of innovation in VR by putting powerful tools in the hands of professionals”.

Ozo’s first ever appearance at Tampere, Finland, and Los Angeles was marked by the participation of major media houses, studios and technology organizations. Nokia sources promise to bring newer innovations to its technology in future.


Though launched in 2015, OZO offers stereoscopic 3D pics and videos with its eight globally synchronized sensors and highly novel audio through eight integrated microphones. Above all, it provides 3D viewand playback to provide a unique experience of making a topnotch video.

OZO also offers filmed content through VR hardware with its head mounted displays (HMDs) that can move to full 360-degree. OZO is equally compatible with 3rd party tools and integrates into existing professional workflowsby dramatically simplifying content production at all stages.

Another landmark for OZO awaits in the sense that Jaunt Inc. production house, which is also Palo Alto-based VR user, has also offered to support it by using it in Jaunt Studios.

As Jaunt Inc. develops hardware, software and provides cutting-edge productions and content for people, it is a big achievement for OZO.

So, Jaunt and OZO’s collaboration is going to benefit both of these companies. Here is something more about Jaunt Inc.

Jaunt is unique virtual reality (VR) related production house that aims to bring cinematic VR close to the best ever content developers. It is a unique company that offers to work for varying brands, writers and artists. Main investors with Jaunt include Peter Gotcher, Google Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and Blake Krikorian, etc.

All these points make OZO the best option for all camera users and video makers to take them towards one of the best ever unique video making experience.