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Nokia Phones and Tablets are Coming Back to Connecting People Once again

Published on Feb 21,2017 By Maq Ahmed

The earlier mobile phone emperor Nokia formally proclaimed that it is returning to the world of smartphone and tablets.  Obviously the company will introduce Android smartphones and tablets.

Nokia introduced Windows based mobiles with the partnership of Microsoft. Previously the lineup was known as Nokia Lumia, on September 2013 Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile business and the lineup was named with Microsoft Lumia. All Lumia devices run Windows operating system, but unfortunately the OS is not as successful as iOS or Android operating system. It’s been a while since we heard about Nokia devices, but there is exciting news for Nokia lovers, Nokia is coming back in the Android devices World.

The move will contain development of a new company HMD global Oy, it will be a Finland based company which will be handled by CEO Arto Nummela. He was a senior Nokia exec in the past and recently controls hunk of Microsoft's phone divisions.

Nokia will take in charge on the board of directors of HMD and will set benchmark for performance and brand requirements as well. Thus, all Nokia branded products demonstrate user prospects of Nokia devices, counting excellence, design and customer focused novelty. For worldwide marketing, HDM will utilize $500 million in global advertising for the next three years to refresh the Nokia name. After years of indolence Nokia name has been vanished from Mobile industry.

In addition, Nokia has signed a contract with FIH to establish a collaborative structure to support global business structure of Nokia mobiles and phablet. As the company announced that HMD is still working so you all need to wait a bit longer to see the signal of Nokia phones and tablets.

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