Nokia stepping up to train AT&T's retail and to provide in-store marketing


Nokia stepping up to train AT&T's retail and to provide in-store marketing

Nokia decided to go with its third AT&T flagship exclusive for the 1020, following the Lumia 920 and Lumia 900. But AT&T's smart phone sales mix over the past year has stayed at about 80 percent iPhones, showing that the Lumia just is not making much of a dent in the carrier's business. In Nokia's Q1 2013 earnings, the company said it had sold just 400,000 phones in the U.S. during the quarter. Weber said. "We have to do a better job."

That means Nokia stepping up to train AT&T's retail reps and provide in-store marketing and displays that show off the benefits of America's first 41-megapixel camera phone. Nokia's exclusivity contract end, which means Nokia, will have to pick up even more of the marketing strain when that time comes for the 1020.

Getting the news out about how Windows Phone fits with other Microsoft products is key, Weber said. "I love the fact that we are talking about a broader ecosystem, from PC to phone to tablet to TV. We need to do a better job, as well as Microsoft, of talking about that broad story."

The 1020 is also priced $100 more than AT&T's dominant iPhone at $299 with contract or $659 without. Weber said that compares favorably to having to buy a smart phone and a camera.

Weber said, "For $299 one can get a fantastic smart phone, the best camera on the planet, and the best video camera". 

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