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Nokia Teases Windows Phone Announcement- New Disaster from Nokia

Does Nokia have another gadget in the works that has yet to be reported? At the minute we can just think about two gadgets that the Finnish organization has yet to uncover: the Nokia Normandy and the Nokia Lumia Icon which is a Windows Phone handset bound for Verizon. While it would seem that Nokia could be making the proclamation soon because of another teaser trailer that Nokia as of late transferred onto Youtube. The cut itself is moderately short and is in the ballpark of 15 seconds in length. All the motion picture holds is a sound of an auto motor revving and the words, "Have you heard what's nearing?" and "See and hear what you've been lost."

Obviously the motion picture could be discussing the Nokia Normandy, which is purportedly Nokia's thoughts on Android, yet at the finish of the movie, a Windows Phone logo pops up which might then take out that probability. The Lumia Icon, for those new, is basically a littler rendition of the Lumia 1520. The gadget will impart the vast majority of the Lumia 1520's equipment specs, however rather than a titan 6-inch show; the Lumia Icon will pack a more modest and more reasonable 5-inch show. The handset has been released numerous times and has even gone at a bargain in China, so we're conjecturing an official uncover ought to be nearing soon