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Nokia Upcomming Andriod For MWC, What Is Going To Reveal From Nokia

The Nokia manufacturer is required to uncover its first Android cell phone - and has been dropping insights it may be known as the X.

Nokia's first Android cell phone is required to be started at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday.

Nokia has an occasion gotten ready for the first day of the versatile part exchange show where it is foreseen the Finnish producer will start the new apparatus.

The organization has been dropping clues about the new telephone, incorporating a teaser on its authority blog that proposes the unit could be known as the X.


The teaser indicates four dark shafts against a green foundation, framing the letter X. The new handset comes after the offer of Nokia's battling portable business to Microsoft in September.

Reports propose the mechanism will have an interface that looks more like Windows than Android.

It is additionally anticipated that will offer Microsoft and Nokia administrations, rather than those made by Google.

Tom Wiggins, representative editorial manager of Tech Uk magazine, said: "The issue with Nokia's latest telephones has never been the fittings, its the way that they run Windows Phone, so this could be quite great news.

"They've had brilliant cameras and frequently moved far from the dark rectangle school of outline that most cell phones originate from.

"The shocking thing is that Nokia's sentinel association Microsoft is prepared to provide for it an opportunity to happen, in spite of the way that expecting that you look at what number of people are using Windows Phone units, possibly its not such a wonder when its all said and done.