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Nokia Wearable Will Come Later This Year,The Wait Ends

There are lots of wearable devices we already have from the major manufacturers such as Samsung and others and this is not enough although we don’t have any confirm news from the Apple but we hear time to time that maybe Apple also have in same track and Apple iwatch might come after some time.

Nokia is one of the biggest cell phone manufacturers but still we cannot see any wearable device from Nokia still Microsoft did not confirm the windows translation in wearable device but Nokia have a plan to launch their wearable device as well in the future and we are able to see the Nokia wearable as Nokia’s upcoming device but this is still a plan.  

Our resources given some doubted images of Nokia smart watch and we heard the whisper that Nokia try to launch their smartwatch soon somehow in the mid of the year.

 Now, WPCentral editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino is seemingly confirming that idea by saying that wearable devices from Nokia are coming "later this year", but there may be app announcements at the Microsoft Build developers conference next week. 

 Thinkable point is that what Nokia give the users on their wearable device and how Microsoft facilitate the users from the windows translating service for their upcoming wearable device because the decision of Nokia wearable is going to finalize now.

 But, the shocking rumors for Nokia smartwatch is the device is not the part of  the Microsoft deal means Nokia launch this device separately without the collaboration of Microsoft that’s mean device run the Nokia chosen operating system instead of windows.

We try to contact  Nokia and Microsoft officials for the confirmation of this rumor but still did not get the clear answer from them but we can expect this launch from Nokia with or without Microsoft soon.