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Nokia X2 Android Phone More Specs Quad Core Processor & 1GB RAM

In the recent past it was in the rumors that Microsoft was busy in developing second generation android phones and Nokia X2 is the result of the same. The images that appeared in the media show the handset in a remarkable shape. This product will continue to appear in the market under Redmond Company, the Finnish giant.

A press release reportedly described the handset with its features. It has Qualcomm MSM8210 chipset which is a Snapdragon 200 processor. This SOC (System On Chip) is not like as on the current Nokia X phones with two Cortex A5 cores 1GHz speed.

The processor installed in Nokia X2, Qualcomm MSM8210 is faster because of Cortex A7 with higher speed of 1.2GHz and we expect that the chip will have a quad core configuration. The final and the critical tests prove that the Nokia X2 has 1GB of RAM and 4GB inbuilt memory. The new handsets coming in the market will run on software taking the guidelines from Android and will have two capacitive touch buttons rather than a back key. The new feature on this handset is home button not traditional as seen on most Android phones. Nokia X2 handset bears an engraved Windows logo. The reason is obvious and not surprising.

This is the only information available so far a Nokia X2 but inflow of rumors and facts continues to appear on the media. There will be more on the handset in the days to come.