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One M8 for windows is the new name of HTC upcoming handset

The rumor is floating that the HTC is working on new upcoming Window’s phone device. Initially we heard that the handset name was “W8” but this might be changed. According to the resources the new handset might have a name “HTC ONE M8 for Windows”. The handset will be released by Verizon only and will make the debut in late September.

HTC follows the trend and the new device will also have a BoomSound speakers and Duo camera located on the back side of the handset. As the resources confirm the handset has a Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) capabilities. Microsoft is going to facilitate the handsets with this technology on their next GDR1 updates. The updates will be on the surface somewhere in September in the time of HTC device release.

Only this limited information we have still with us. We don’t know even how the handset looks like in appearance the handset follows the Android version or have a changed look. The name of the handset is also not final as HTC One (M8) for Windows because company did not give the words on that. Well this is another windows device of HTC so it is expected that the company gives the changed name to the handset. Before this company released Windows Phone handsets in 2012. The company officially introduced as the "HTC Windows Phone 8X" and "HTC Windows Phone 8S", although everyone simply called them HTC 8X and HTC 8S.