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Only 1 Million Units of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge delivered on 2014

This news came on surface yesterday telling something about Samsung’s change of plan to release the Galaxy Note 4 earlier than they announced. However Galaxy Note Edge remained under cover and was not made the subject of any news or any comment. This emergency news relates the release of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. They held a press conference in the morning in South Korea and declared their schedule to release Galaxy Note 4. In this press conference Galaxy Note Edge still remains under cover.


The regular version of Note 4 will be available in Samsung’s home land on coming Friday 26 September. Beside the South Korea the Note will hit 140 markets of different regions in the middle of October and the USA will get the phablet on 17th October.  

Samsung electronics president D.J.Lee revealed one more interesting fact about the Galaxy Note Edge that the phablet is a “Limited Time Edition”. Company will ship limited number of devices in different regions and the release date will also be changed according to the regions. The South Korean markets will get the device in the end of October but other regions will get the device in 2015. It is also expected that the edition has more price than the normal version of the phablet.

The other interesting thing according to the analysts Samsung has a plan to shipped almost 1 million Galaxy Note Edge units with more than 10 million units of Galaxy Note 4 in whole year of 2014. Previously Samsung confessed that the making and production of Galaxy Note Edge is complicated and the curve screen of the phablet is the new challenge of the users, another Korean analyst said.

Users who want to buy the Galaxy Note Edge have to wait and if they don’t want to wait then they can import the device from some European markets directly.

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