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Oppo exclusive rights product with hidden bezel

Currently curved display is in vogue and we see many manufacturers inclined towards this trend. Galaxy Note Edge set this trend and put up a challenge for others. Oppo is perusing this technology vigorously and has produce a device a curved edge to edge in such a way that light emitted from talk covers the whole display downwards including the bezel giving an effect that there is no bezel. Company gives it a name of "special light guide structure" which practically hides the bezels.


The technology may prevail in future products. Although technically it is not a very big step but can be included in design feature to create special effect and adding to better look of the smartphone. If the production of bezelless mobile phones is more costly, to give the same effect this scheme of light emission can create the same effect and low budgets devices can give the same impact.


Practically it is not going to contribute towards size of the screen and it is going to remain the same. The display, quality of images and users interface are unaffected by this appearance of the device. Presently Oppo is busy in improving this impression given effect in its R&D labs. Oppo has already filed the copy right in China and soon the document will be on the surface. With this step Oppo wants to make the product unique and protect it from copying by others.