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Oppo has announced Reno, a new product line (Updated)

Published on Mar 14,2019 By Sajid Ayaz Last Updated on 14-03-19 14:44:26

Update 1: Oppo Reno smartphone as scheduled to launch on April 10.

Update 2: The first Reno device will have 6.4in Display, SD710 chip, 48MP Main Cam and a 16MP Selfie Lens.

Smartphone manufacturers are introducing new product series this year, 2019. For instance, Samsung released Galaxy M line and Vivo launched iQOO mobile series. Now its Oppo turn, the Company made published a new smartphone line, Reno, through Weibo. The Oppo Vice President, Shen reported via the same source that it’s not a sub-brand like Realme, the Reno is only a new product line which they are bringing to market soon.

We have assumed that the Reno, which may probably pronounce as Ree-noo, would be dedicated to gaming smartphone series, as that its sibling Vivo did with iQOO smartphone. Moreover, the Reno 1 is expected to be the first handset of such type smartphone by Oppo.

What you can expect from Oppo Reno? The Company didn’t reveal much about, but we have a good idea how Reno, if a gaming product line, would affect price to go downward as a result of raising the competition, that’s assist gamers to approach such smartphone easily for their passion. So, get ready to experience PUBG and other heavy games with Oppo Reno.

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