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Oppo N3 body to be made of lightweight aluminum-lithium

Oppo is preparing to launch Oppo N3 and when it will be launch is not known. It is part of the awareness campaign and marketing plan to keep issuing bits and pieces of information about the handset. Therefore the teaser campaign continues pouring in hints about its new products. Presently Oppo N3 project is on the anvil and we keep hearing about this forth coming handset. Now this piece of information is about Oppo N3 light weight body. The aluminum lithium alloy will provide strength and light weight both to its body. So Oppo N3 is coming in light weight aluminum lithium skin.   


The image released on the media is shown demonstrating its light weight feature. They want to show that the handset is so light that even a couple of helium balloons can lift it up in the air. The characteristic of this alloy is strength combined with light weight. This alloy is used in making modern airplanes like the Boeing 777X.

Now this feature will give this handset strong body with light weight. Oppo is the first who use this material to making the body of the handset and usage of Lithium also increase the hardness of aluminum. It is expected that the handset would not bend like iPhone 6 which is made up with pure alimonies. Previously leaked images are not the actual designed images of the handset this is confirmed by the new teaser images of Oppo N3. Well for more proper and appropriate information we have to wait for the next teaser.

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