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Oppo N3 to be in the market on 29th October

It is not very long that some interesting Android smartphones were released Oppo is preparing for the new. The smartphones released are N1 and Find7. They have been quite popular and users took interest in them now Oppo is preparing very hard to introduce another new smartphone unlike most of the smartphones present in the market. The new handset would be called Oppo N3.


As per Oppo official confirmation the handset will be available in Singapore from 29th October. It is not only in Singapore but also in quite a few other markets as well. Oppo still did not reveal complete information about the handset, yet we have some information about this new device. It is expected to have a rotating camera like Oppo N1 and N1 mini. There will be two versions of this smartphone. One would be having stainless steel body while the other will be clad in yet a different material given a premium look. The new material consists of aluminum lithium alloy. This smartphone, N3 would be directly the successor of N1 because N2 existed only in news and rumors. It never came to the market. The new device N3 is expected to be a high end and costly device.  

So far Oppo N3 exists only in news and rumors and we are getting something contradictory rumors about this new device. The images pertaining to Oppo N3 are also contradictory and not very confirmed. Although they are not very convincing and impressive, yet it is not very long that the handset would be launched in the market in its physical shape. Till then we have to live and do with these rumors only. The actual facts would be open when the handset appears in the market.

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