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Oppo Presents ColorOS 2.0.7i update for Find 7 with new features

Oppo’s Find 7 and Find 7a are the best selling Android Phones of the company and they are not famous only for their hardware composition but they are ideally built in design which gives the prefect look and users are easily attract towards them. But after these impacts we can not forget that there is a specific category of the users present and they are selecting the smartphone by selecting the operating system and interface used in the mobile.

 Oppo is the one rollout the interface updates for their mobiles. We all knows that Oppo is the Android Phone maker till yet maybe in future they change the platform but for now the company release the beta updates for their Oppo Find 7 and Find 7a smartphones  and the updates based on OTA. According to the Oppo officials the updates specially present in the split way the smooth in performance and easy in use. Means the user interface color OS might not attract many users visually but the working ability is increased and ColorOS, along with the Oppo Find 7 unlocked bootloader make for a bit of fun for the gadget tinkerer.


ColorOS 2.0.7i Beta for the Oppo Find 7 can be downloaded now, and there will be an OTA release today. The change log is long and offers a lot of bugs fixes and company also add many new features in the OS.  Users are able to set the bunches of Alarm at once if they need and the music player has been improved to enable searching for a song. Sound profiles have been enhanced too, offering greater control over discrete volume settings. The features of the new OS are much similar with Android KitKat but the experience is improved and increased.