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Oppo smartphone announcement for 0.157in (4mm) thin device on Oct 29

If you are interested in mobile phone news, then you must be aware that Oppo is preparing to announce the next flagship Smartphone. It will be the Oppo N3 thjat will be announced on October 29. The company has been leaking the information in bits and pieces and has been highlighting its camera feature. It is the first Smartphone to sport a rotating, motorized camera module that can move left and right. The latest leaked information released company's insider connected with social media breaks an interesting new twist to the picture already painted about the device. If we have a look at the photo, jutting out from behind the handset, we see to the right of the Oppo N3, it will be confirmed that it is rotating camera. This feature is absolutely new and never installed in any of the mobile phone. We can guess it otherwise also; it be the Oppo N3 Mini.


Presently these news and information are not known to any outsider but someone in the Oppo and its supply chain only knows for certain right now. However besides this there are some strange rumors going on up in the air. According to a Chinese news source, there really is a new phone coming up next to the Oppo N3, and it is "the world's thinnest appearance" which is said to be only 0.157in (4mm) thin and is at its thinnest point! It is surprising how it is going to accommodate 3.5mm headphone jack. They must have done wonderful thing to do that.

to give you some information relevant to thickness issue, today's thinnest Smartphone is the Gionee ELIFE 5.1, which has been accepted and admitted, is only 0.2in (5.1mm) thin. It holds the Guiness World Record for its incredibly skinny profile, and for the price of $325, it's one of the most attractive Smartphone which is available only in China.

The chances of these rumors coming true are not very strong and may be they remain only the rumors and never become the truth. Still you got to accept them at present just for speculation and entertainment sake.  Gionee's 0.2in (5.1mm) achievement is unbelievably true and to say thickness or the thinness can further be reduced to 0.157in (4mm) seems rather impracticable and away from possibility. Besides, the last time we had also heard some crazy Oppo rumors. It was the noise in the atmosphere that the Oppo Find 7 had a 50MP camera. It ultimately turned out to be only a 13MP camera phone that's able to join together separate images into a big photo.

Oppo is company with many genius ideas and is not afraid of innovation though it may not achieve that target. Even if the thickness target is not achieved and the company reaches nearer to it, yet it will be impressive.

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