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Order Domino’s Pizza via Apple Watch with One Tap


Here is great news for Pizza lovers; if it is midnight Pizza craving you can order a Domino’s pizza by tapping your Apple watch. To order a pizza you have to use your Apple or smartwatch that you wear on your wrist.


Now an Apple watch users can order Domino’s Pizza effortlessly by just tapping their watch. For obtaining this wonderful facility you have to go to Domino’s website and select your preferred pies. The information is also available on the Domino’s app as well. You can choose your favorite pizza combinations with side dishes as well; it enables you to order it with a single tap next time.

It is the fastest way to get a fresh pizza with a single tap at your doorstep. Domino’s has updated its Apple Watch app with “Easy Order” feature. The feature allows you to set up particular combinations of food available at Domino’s. Previously, users would order Domino’s pizza via their smartphone app with a physical button. Now the company made a brilliant move which will make pizza accessible to more customers.

There is “Easy Order” feature in the app that allows users to order pizza instantly. Users can’t use the features if they haven’t used the Dominos website for setup. Apart from that there are plenty of chances that if you like their pizza and make regular order you already have a favorite order setup. Currently this feature is available in a few regions of the world containing United States. The app also enables pizza lovers to track their order and check the time left before it arrives at your doorstep. People living in other countries will have to use old methods to place an order such as Domino’s website, or utilize their app on your iPhone for order.