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Other Version of HTC ONE M8 is confirmed as Windows Phone

HTC ONE M8 is one of the famous smartphones of 2014. The handset generates the good share from the markets for the company and provides the compact handy services to the users. The handset is designed well balanced and for continuation of the handset now company plans to reveal the new version of this handset known as Windows Phone version. Company gives “HTC ONE W8” tag to the handset and it will be released somewhere in September via Verizon.

However according to the appearance the handset looks like HTC ONE M8 with DUO camera and BoomSound speakers. There is a rumor floating that the handset has an unconfirmed model number A9. It is expected that the handset is equipped with high level specifications but will be available in mid range price.

According to the previous report published on yesterday Tom Warren confirmed that the new version of HTC ONE M8 known as windows phone was on the way and certainly coming in couple of months. The specifications of the handset are still under the hood but we can say one thing for sure the pattern covers previously used in HTC ONE M8 is also used in this new upcoming HTC One W8 handset.

Well we have to wait and keep our eyes open to catch the other information for the handset.