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Pre Order Available For Samsung Galaxy S5 By Verizon

There is no doubt that the Samsung  galaxy s5 is one of the biggest and most predictable Smartphones this year.

The smartphone was announced later in February and users are interested by its slim design large 5.1 super AMOLED display, competitive 16 Mega Pixel Camera and also the main feature and admirable feature is heart rate monitor who impress the users.

After the USA carriers had a sing-up page to be notified about the purchasing of smartphone, which is the next step followed by pre-order for Samsung Galaxy S5 on AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular and sprint.

After these big carriers Verizon ready to accept the per order for the Samsung Galaxy S5, with the price of 199.99 USD for two year contract, or 25.55 USD per month with Verizon Edge. But the Verizon is smart then the other and shaking the things, where the users can get the Samsung galaxy S5 for free, or select the plan from the Samsung ATIV SE as long as users sing a 2 years bond for Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5