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Pre-production model of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime or Galaxy S5 Active Video Shown

A different version of Samsung Galaxy S5 has been seen in YouTube video very recently. The device appears to be equipped with screen having higher revolutions like 1440 x 2560 QHD display than the screen placed on Samsung Galaxy S5. Known through reliable resources, the device shown in the video is either Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime or Samsung Galaxy S5 Active in the pre-production stage. Most probably Galaxy S5 is appearing in the market soon having 1080p screen as seen in the video.

In the video we see a thick seal on the side of the device gives is bigger look than the regular model leads us to guess that it would be Galaxy S5 Active. Bothe models, regular and new, have IP certification; the regular has IP 67 whereas the Galaxy S5 Active has IP68 certification. It can remain under 5 feet deep water for about 60 minutes and that is what the thick seal is meant for. A tighter seal is required for longer waterproofing. The device comes with an aluminum back cover.hit that level of water proofing. The back cover is aluminum, and the device is ready with Google Now launcher.