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Prime Series will be the next Upcoming Series from LG

LG follows the foot print of Samsung and HTC. After the confirmation of “Galaxy S5 Prime” & “HTC One M8 Prime” LG also have a plan to reveal complete series of ‘Prime’ smart phones. To achieving this goal LG recently file the trademark submission for their future series handsets and in the application LG use the term ‘Prime’ for their series. 

According to the sources LG mention the proper alphabets to their upcoming flagship such as ‘G Prime’, ‘L Prime’, ‘F Prime’ and ‘W Prime’ the shocking point is this each application related to the smart phones only. Some point gives the hint that LG file the application with USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) on 3rd June. 

We are still not sure that LG is going to use the defined letters in their new series but it is an assumption because LG already have the series with these letters. LG recently launched G series including G3 and before this LG introduced the series start with alphabet ‘L’ and ‘F’ but we never found the ‘W’ in LG series then why LG select the ‘W’ there is only a one logic behind this, maybe LG reserved the alphabet ‘W’ for their newly designed Windows phone. 

We cannot say anything before time but we can expect that if LG reveal the G prime the handset comes with many changes and more compact than the LG G3. LG will definitely do but when we don’t have any idea we have to wait and watch what LG cooked on their lab.