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Project Fi Supports Tablets and Only Internet devices, Won’t charge a Penny for!

A Project Fi has been completed and gone live, Google updated its support page with information about new data only support for tablets on Google’s MVNO network. Google also listed a few devices that are ready to active on the Fi network. Here are all the spicy details of the newest offer.


Any tablet that is compatible with T-Mobile network will work on Fi for sure, and it is safe to use network on the devices.  But tablets will connect with only T-Mobile network, so T-Mobile users will enjoy the new offer.

It takes nothing to put your tablet on Project Fi plan, it is completely free. Enjoy without paying a penny and it is also not shown that Google is charging anything for SIMs, while we have to confirm that yet.  You just have to pay for the data.


The great thing about this project is that you can add up to nine devices on the Project Fi such as Smartphones, tablets or something else. Google also provided a list of the hardware that it considers compatible.


The cost will be similar to the smartphone data plans such as $10/GB but, a good thing is that there are no base charges. If you go entire month without using data you will be charged nothing. An already active Fi account will allow you to enjoy the data.


According to the support page, other unlocked GSM tablets could work with Fi too. Subscribers need to order a SIM and give it a try. Setup is very simple just like you activate SIM and enter APN information.



People can find further information by visiting Project Fi website.