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QWERTY keyboard existence leaked in BlackBerry Passport

There are the handsets on queue to hit the market soon. iPhone6, Apple iPhone Phablet and Galaxy Note 4 are the biggest handsets considered to capture the markets in couple of months. Besides these handsets there is another handset waiting to hit the markets soon. Yes we are talking about none other than Black berry Pass Port. This is the charismatic square shape handset, users are confused that the handset has a QWERTY keyboard facility or not. Now the mystery of QWERTY keyboard is solved. The handset comes with QWERTY keyboard function. The function of the keyboard is typical. When users press the letter key and hold for a while the numeric keys and punctuation keys appears. The fundamental keys appear on the screen, above the letters keys.

BlackBerry claims “placement of QWERTY keyboard in passport would facilitate the users and make their typing fast and easy than ever”.

QWERTY keyboard is combined with touch screen navigation. Navigate web browsing, applications and emails by soft touch of fingers lightly move over the keyboard. The functions allow users to scroll web pages faster.

QWERTY is the traditional symbol of BlackBerry handsets and Passport follows the QWERTY keyboard rules in particular. Last time BlackBerry was added new SurePress system on QWERTY keyboard and users got bored with that feature in a few days. Hopefully BlackBerry did not repeat the history because the users have great expectations with this upcoming PassPort.