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Re Lunched Lumia 1520 By AT&T and Windows Phone With A Green Option

We all know that the Microsoft have a massive share in Nokia. Yet we have an other news that Microsoft and Nokia think over it to re lunched the hand set named Lumia 1520 by AT&T. We have a information that the huge 6 inches smartphone re lunched with the next coming windows phone 8.1 operating system with the addition of “green option”

Microsoft newly established the upcoming major windows phone software update are turn up according to the Microsoft “ this season we almost certainly see  AT&T’s  revived Lumia 1520 striking shelves.

Amongst the latest feature that will certainly be  lunched with windows phone 8.1 we (Microsoft) must put t he on- screen buttons, and the facility to established the applications from the Micro SD cards or for the external resources.


Currently AT&T is offering Lumia 1520 in the range of red, yellow, black or white. The biggest leading US mobile carrier is offering 199.99 USD for the model who have a 16 GB option, and 249.99 for the 32 GB option both on the contract basis. They decided that the price is still same for the newly re lunched Lumia 1520 unless AT&T lunch the cheaper cost options in front of them.