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Report: Huawei is working on its Own Operating System

The Chinese company Huawei is functioning on its Android software to make it more pleasant for western users before it hit to the United States market. As per reports, the firm also has taken a project of developing its own mobile software to compete with Android. The novel EMUI software’s version is anticipated to come out in this fall.

According to reports Huawei yearns for avoiding being dependent on Google, the company is also exploring possible changes that could come in the software in future. If Google had stopped providing supporting Android on third-party devices or limit what OEMs can do with the stage that could carry a trouble for Huawei.

The surreptitious OS project is still immature; a team in Scandinavia, which is formed with Nokia engineers is working on developing the software. At the moment it’s vague either it is a complete ground-up project or Chinese company is initiating with Android as a base. It seems doubtful that Huawei will ever have reason to deploy its secret OS, but it’s it seems that receiving some of the work done just in case.

Moreover, another report informs that Huawei aimed to sell 140 million smartphones in this year, but now the company has trimmed down its sales targets to 120 million units. The sales target reduction is actually affected by high price tag of top-end smartphones. Last year the companies sold about 108 million units so 2016 sales were expected to break all records, but high price tags have turned the table. The Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus come with $682 and a $739 price tag respectively.