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Report: Huawei Mate S2 with Curved Display is in Making Process

Samsung is a leading company which manufactures devices with curved displays. According to reports LG is also working on curved display mobile but it is not confirmed when the company will launch the device.  Like Samsung, Chinese company Vivo launched the XPlay 5 with its dual-curved screen, which easily can stand against Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. But unfortunately the mobile will not be available in the international market.

As per new reports, another Chinese mobile maker Huawei is planning to release a curved smartphone. The smartphone will be bigger than Vivo’s mobile. According to a leakster the Huawei is preparing a handset with a domed display. An interesting part of the news is that the curved edge won’t be like Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7. But we can’t hint how the device will look like, would the curves be on the bottom of the device or on the top, as a substitute of the sides?

As per leakster the mobile could be second generation of Huawei Mate S. A week ago we also heard that the device will come with pressure sensitive display just like iPhone 6s.  Huawei has developed the Mate S series which comes with advanced features and latest technology. So we expect that the firm has reserved something unique for upcoming device.